You’ll find, most likely, a variety of posts, spanning many topics. They form, together, a compendium of my thoughts, observations, musings, scribbles, guides, memoirs, and other writings.

In fact, they form a better about me than this page can. However, in short here are some things you can expect in further reading:

Personal favourites are:

to name a few.

This website’s layout, much like my Emacs config, is alive and everchanging. My right menu key is bound to Hyper, and I am slowly forming my H- keymap in Emacs. An additional modifier for Greek letters and other Unicode math symbols is frequently on my mind, however XKB stops those thoughts dead in their tracks with feelings of undocumented dread and despair.

Post Revisions

Over time I will inevitably edit, amend, and append to old posts. You might notice posts say Originally written on .... This is a temporary measure until I set up a revision history view like MediaWiki has.

No JavaScript

Of note, this website uses and embeds no JavaScript. Try it! Disable JS and see how everything still looks and works the same. You can leave it turned off as I won’t be adding any in the future, either.

JavaScript is used willy-nilly nowadays, as a fix-all solution. While it is powerful and invaluable, its weight can exceed that power quite quickly. Even Simon Marlow’s Big Hammer comes with a price. This is why I’ve decided to keep this website free from it: I simply don’t need it.

In fact, everything except the fonts are hosted on this site. Right now, you can simply inspect the website and see more-or-less the same source code I write. Without JS, I’m sure I will have to employ interesting techniques. In the future, if there is enough bandwidth, I will most likely start minifying everything.

Atom Feed

There is a generated Atom feed you can use to read my posts at /feed.xml.


All material posted on the site is licensed as CC BY 4.0, unless otherwise noted. To be frank, the interactions of this license’s virility on gained knowledge is unclear to me, and I suspect the same for even the most well versed lawyers.

I think we’re still waiting on the many [Google v. Oracle] and [Novell v. al] suits to come to conclusions. Considering most of these companies exist now just for those lawsuits, it’s a matter of when.

In practice, feel free to use, edit, and republish my work, but please link to where you got it from!


You can contact me using the methods listed below, in the footer. I will try to repond to your inquiries in a timely manner. If I feel like our correspondence would be of benefit to others too, I might ask you to publish our conversation, whether in parts and/or a derivation thereof.

By all means, feel free to decline!

Other than high-brow discussion, feel free to send me a comment on a post, your new favourite artist, a request to point you to literature, etc. For this I prefer XMPP, as it’s much quicker and gratifying than using email for the same purpose.

XMPP is an odd service for those not accustom to it. To paraphrase from cock.li’s Vincent Canfield: There are no good XMPP clients.