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Making QUIC a Real Transport Protocol Added (fixed) custom 404 page
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Constructing a Category From IPLD
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I rarely use XMPP nowadays; in favour of Matrix.
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Constructing a Category From IPLD


IPLD is IPFS’ answer to abstract data representation in the semantic web. The domain of its values is a slight superset to those of JSON – they add ‘links’ as an additional type. This lends itself to a nice structurally typed value space, ripe for the polytypic manipulation it was intended for. In this post we explore the additional structure present in this system.

Systematising Intuition


Intuition is our ability to make judgements on the rational using irrational methods. In reality, it's hard to define what intuition is, and where other similar terms begin: gut feeling, instinct, insight, hunch, and so on. So, what's really happening?

Designing For the Browser: A Practical Guide to CSS


The browser and CSS box model are the easiest entry points for people to write their own UI; all they need is a text editor and a browser. And CSS seems easy enough itself. Then, how come it's so difficult to get things done with it?

Understanding the term - type - kind - sort ladder


If you’ve ever delt with a functional language on the maths-first end of things, you’re most likely aware of the wild concepts, mainly expressed through maths, that many adherents of them take for granted. While sort systems aren’t necessarily as flashy or useful, they form the fundamentals of a language’s way of handling types.